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10 deviants said Please click the egg guys we are almost there!!!
9 deviants said New Digimon info <333

Haru <3

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Ao No Exorcist

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Fairy Tail

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Spring 2015 by lovelychu
Spring 2015
Of course with Digimon Adventure returning this spring I look forward to working more with my Digimon OC Rita and Mikumon again. It is likely that I will be writing another story once the series finishes, in a multiple perspective. I have also come up with a new design and concept for Mikumon's digivolved forms since I was quite young when I designed them, and well they were terrible OTL

Tsukimon will be her Champion form and I haven't thought of a name for her Ultimate yet. I'm also thinking of changing the design of her crest.

I can't wait to see what Digimon Adventure Tri has to offer, being able to see more of Izzy is like a dream ;u;

I'm also working with a new style as you can see with this pic. I have been working on other styles but I really want to polish one of me own, let me know what you think of it =) <3
Hi everyone I'm sorry I haven't said anything in a while, it's been a pretty crappy year.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays or at least didn't let the stress get to them too much >.<

I also wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, I was extremely happy!

For 2015 I hope my health get's a bit better, my doctor is switching some of my meds, which I hope means I can sleep without using sleeping pills.

I have a lot of art and writing I want to do, a lot of Free! Work of course, 
working alongside my dear friends :iconcheferoni: and :iconneko-hanyou-sakura:
I have so many things planned, just hoping I get the energy and strength to do them OTL

So many of you have helped me a lot through this year and I am so grateful for that. I've lost a lot of loved ones in the past few years and my health doesn't seem to be getting any better. More then anything I want to return to work and school but it looks like that is still far off. 

With Naruto ending this year it took a big toll on me. Of course I am happy Naruto and Hinata got together but I found the manga to be really rushed and it seemed as though Kishimoto gave into the fandoms and just paired everyone off >.> With Naruto and Sasuke yelling at each other for 5 chapters, ranting about whose right, I was disappointed they summed up everything in a chapter, not even telling everyone what happened to some main characters. Even if he is preparing for the new series about Naruto's son Bolt, I still don't find it right to rush the ending in this series for the next.

Anyways that's my Naruto rant!

SO HAPPY that digimon is returning, you are sure to see more work of that in the future as well. Along with more of my OC's, Pinku and Cyan for sure! For now I want to focus on the Free! OC project!

I really hope everyone as a great new year, no one liked 2014! I mean everyone I have heard from had a terrible year. Since I am a Ram/Sheep Zodiac I hope that has some positive effect in this coming year!

Thank you all for sticking with me! I love you all SO much! <333333 


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<3 Photobucket <3 Photobucket <3 Photobucket <3 Photobucket <3

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What they taught us <3




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